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Consumers want a shorter path to service

The top 7 mistakes companies make with investment statements
Krispy Kreme: A sweet customer experience lesson

Do your staff really understand what kind of experience you're trying to create and how they personally contribute to delivering an exceptional customer experience? The team at Krispy Kreme does. Look at the bottom line results that Krispy Kreme is achieving. They're amazing!  

This month's newsletter is about your staff, your IVR system, and your investment statement. Our first article gives you the scoop on the growing frustration people have with IVR systems. Then Ruth-Anne shares the top 7 mistakes that companies are making with their investment statement.

Helping you keep your brand promises,

Consumers want a shorter path to service

A new study indicates a growing frustration with menu-driven customer service options. How effective is your IVR system at delivering an exceptional customer experience? Read this feature article from Destination CRM and find out what customers don't like.

The top 7 mistakes companies make with investment statements

Companies send millions of statements out each year to those of us who have investments. But most of the statements we receive are not really meeting our information needs and some are really confusing. How many of these top 7 mistakes is your company making?

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